Bridgewater Motorworks now offers automotive detailing. Make your vehicle’s exterior and interior shiny, and fabulous as new. We use the finest products to clean, shine, and protect your car. We have all the tools and expertise to clean every inch of your vehicle.

Take advantage of our new service to bring back that showroom finish to your vehicle, at a price you can afford. We will help you in choosing a product for protection or shine based on your preferences and budget so it’s exactly what you want.

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Detailing will help protect against paint fade from sun and rust from de-icing salt. Detailing involves cleaning the exterior of your vehicle in order to protect against rusting and fading paint, cleaning the interior in order to preserve fabric and leather surfaces, shining tires, rims, and chrome, shining the glass surfaces inside and outside the car, polishing the paint to bring out that luster you want to catch everyone’s eyes.

We recommend getting your car detailed every quarter depending on the weather conditions we experience here in New Jersey.


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