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Wheel Alignment in Bridgewater, NJ

In Bridgewater, between work, family, and fun, you need a trustworthy wheel alignment shop that can take care of your car. Bridgewater Motorworks has the tools and experience you need, just minutes from your home or job.

You Can Trust Bridgewater Motorworks’ Wheel Alignment Service

For more than 15 years, Bridgewater Motorworks has been the wheel alignment shop of choice for hundreds of satisfied car owners, some from over 50 miles away, and many here in Bridgewater. With hundreds of shops to choose from, why decide on Bridgewater Motorworks for your wheel alignment? The answer is simple – Bridgewater Motorworks knows wheel alignment and how to take care of customers. We live and work where you live and work, right here in Bridgewater, NJ.

Regular Scheduled Maintenance

To keep your car running its best, regular scheduled maintenance is key. We suggest a wheel alignment if you are experiencing abnormal tire wear or getting a new set of tires. From tires to timing belts, and spark plugs to shock absorbers, Bridgewater Motorworks is fully equipped to keep your ride in top shape.

Professional Diagnosis and Repair

Given the weather and potholes, even the best-maintained car will eventually need a wheel alignment. The specialists at Bridgewater Motorworks will bring your suspension back into alignment. Certified by both ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) and Bosch, our experienced ASE Certified Master Automobile Technicians use the latest equipment and methods to restore your alignment, improve directional stability, and prevent abnormal tire wear.

Remanufactured Engines and Transmissions

Sometimes, an engine or transmission may require replacement. JASPER is the nation’s largest and most-trusted engine and transmission remanufacturer, and Bridgewater Motorworks is the country’s largest JASPER shop. You can rely on Bridgewater Motorworks’ auto repair in Bridgewater.

What can Bridgewater Motorworks Do for You?

If you are in need of regular scheduled maintenance or a wheel alignment, find your way to Bridgewater Motorworks, located at 358 Union Ave, Bridgewater, NJ, just minutes away. Enjoy our modern waiting area and speak to one of our experienced associates. If you’re on the go, give us a call, at 908-218-9100. We look forward to serving you!

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Satisfaction Score

The Service Was Excellent

The service was excellent. My truck has never run better. I had several issues with the service from the dealer and they found and address these immediately. They explained in detail the parts/labor charges and found it very fair. Would highly recommend to anyone especially people who are dissatisfied with dealer service.

- John G.

Courteous and Helpful

My 1992 Honda Prelude is 23 years old and BWMW always finds the parts and fixes it in a timely manner. If it weren't for them I probably would not have the car for as long as I do and running in great condition. My thanks to Greg, Bob, Pat , Brian and Joey for their courteous and helpful service. Highly recommended.

- Joseph M.


I am pleased to provide my experience with Bridgewater Motorworks, Greg Burchette, and the entire staff. I have always been treated in a friendly and courteous manner. Whatever needs to be done on my vehicles is done professionally and always with a prior and a reasonable estimate. Bridgewater Motorworks has always helped me in emergency situations, and has provided transportation to and from my Somerville office. I have the highest regard for Bridgewater Motorworks and would recommend them to everyone.

- Steve L.

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